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We offer High Quality Remanufactured Automotive Disc Brake Calipers at competitive prices.

Calipers Online offers a large selection of Automotive Disc Brake Calipers. Some of which are not avliable elsewhere. We specialize in stainless steel sleeved calipers for 1965 - 1982 Corvette, 1967 - 1969 Riviera & Full Size Buick, 1967 - 1968 Impala, 1967 - 1968 GTO, Firebird & Chevelle, 1967 - 1969 Camaro & Nova, 1966 - 1969 Charger, Coronet & Road Runner, and all 1965 - 1970 AMC, including AMX. All stainless steel sleeved calipers come with a lifetime manufacturers warranty. We also offer an extensive list of 4-piston calipers that do not require stainless steel sleeving, such as: 1965 - 1967 Mustang, Thunderbird, Crown Victoria & Grand Marquise, 1967 - 1968 Eldorado & Toronado, and 1965 - 1972 Barracuda, Dart, Demon, Swinger, Scamp, Signet, Valiant. These calipers come with a 1 year manufacturers warranty. The 4-piston Mustang and Barracuda calipers are also offered with stainless steel pistons, and come with a lifetime warranty. All of our disc brake calipers are remanufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications, in accordance with the best recognized standards in the industry. For a limited time, we also have new loaded 1988 front Fiero calipers, and remanufactured loaded 1988 rear Fiero calipers.

Core charges are automatically added to price, and are refunded upon receipt of your old unbroken cores at our factory. Please view Core Return Policy


Repair & Return Service

We offer R & R Service, where we remanufacture your existing calipers and return them to you, for an additional charge of $25 per caliper. Please allow up to 1 week for this service.

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