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Our calipers are remanufactured by a large Midwestern rebuilder that has been in the caliper business since 1976.
Every used caliper core is disassembled, and inspected for defects. They are stripped to bare metal, dipped in a corrosion inhibitor, and painted with a stainless steel impregnated paint. Calipers are then reassembled to meet or exceed OEM specifications, any worn components are replaced. All finished calipers are pressure tested to assure quality.

Calipers are offered as standard, bare, calipers, as well as loaded calipers, for some of the more popular sellers. Loaded calipers can include additional components, such as brackets ,levers, springs, and high quality friction pads. Loaded calipers can save a lot of time during installation, at a very small additional price. If the caliper that you need is offered loaded, please view the images of standard, and loaded versions for comparisons.

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